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Lawpreneurz, is India’s first of its kind digital global legal platform that pictures itself not just as a service provider but an educator. We all have a family doctor, a family accountant but why not a family lawyer? Why do we still fear the man in the black coat? Why do we feel that going to a lawyer means we are doomed??

Lawpreneurz is here to get rid of all these apprehensions and provide a system that this world has not seen before. A much more transparent and just digital legal platform that benefits not just law students, practicing lawyers, law firms & budding entrepreneurs but also citizens who “believe” that they have nothing to do with knowing the law.

With legal education being simplified for law students, with law firms being more transparent for lawyers/law students & others, for entrepreneurs to know exactly what laws they need for starting their business to ac-tually having it done by the industry experts and lastly for a citizen to know what to do if caught by a cop for speeding, Lawpreneurz is the one stop for all the legal help in a simple and transparent manner but most importantly, its all digital, making it accessible from any place on the planet.

Lawpreneurz is a first of its kind digital legal education and services global platform aimed at making individuals knowledgeable and aware of their legal rights.


Topic wise explanation of all core subjects taught in all law schools across the country - self explan-atory notes provided with every subject video. Master classes prepared by industry experts explaining latest developments in the world of law - topics such as GST, Right to Privacy, Triple Talaq & so on. Learning concepts like drafting, drawing out agreements - helping not just law students/lawyers but also individuals who need to draft contracts or agreements. Making people aware of the various laws they should know - right from laws governing when driving to much bigger offences. Making it more about “knowing your law”. Providing entrepreneurs & start-ups all the required know how for doing their business not just in India but anywhere in the world - from real estate to pharmaceuticals to any industry, everything one needs to know. With a pool of law firms and lawyers on board, providing legal access to individuals.


A must to provide an in-depth knowledge about law courses to future lawyers. Shocking reality when it comes to people’s knowledge about the law. Necessary to explain and help a budding entrepreneur know exactly what he needs from the legalities point when doing his business. Make life hassle free for people by making them aware that the law is there to protect & not exploit. Need for genuine and authentic legal assistance.


Lawpreneurz helps fresh graduates seek employment opportunities with law firms listed on the plat-form. It also helps law students registered with Lawpreneurz seek internships while pursuing law.


By explaining every legality required to start a business, Lawpreneurz makes life on an entrepreneur hassle free where law is concerned. Not just that, with pool of lawyers on the platform, entrepreneurs have an easy access for legal problems they may face while doing their business.

Lawpreneurz Student Testimonial

I subscribed to Lawpreneurz for lectures on various core subjects forming a part of the syllabus for DJSE. These lectures proved to be of great help not only in terms of conceptual clarity but also constant availabilty. Law students should definitely access these lecures.

Shipra Dhanker
Shipra DhankerTopper for Delhi Judicial Services 2019