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  • International Human Rights in the international sense is that its universal, applying to all individuals
  • When States fail to assure realization of human beings to the individuals within their jurisdiction international obligations arise
  • The purpose of human rights law is to ensure that individuals are protected from the excesses of States and governments. Human Rights law obliges States to refrain from causing harm to its own nationals or other persons within its territorial jurisdiction
  • The idea that Human Rights could be protected by International law in addition to municipal law developed slowly mainly because of the concept of State Sovereignty
  • State sovereignty is a fundamental principle of international law that prevailed in the 19th and early 20th century, wherein human rights questions were regarded as solely the matter within the jurisdiction of each State’s domestic arena
  • International Human Rights Law was considered as an attack upon the concept of State sovereignty
  • However, there were two exceptions to the concept of State sovereignty- abolition of slavery and the protection of minorities
  • The realization of the importance of an individual human personality led the Institute of International Law in 1929, to issue a proclamation of the rights of the man against the State
  • Human Rights become a concern at the international platform at the end of World War II and the founding of the United Nations
  • Although there is no global government as such to protect human rights, it is being protected by the various bodies and agencies of the United Nations and the inter-governmental organisations

LawpreneurzDetails of lecture

Sr No. Topics
Lecture 1 Introduction to Human Rights
Lecture 2 International Human Rights Law
Lecture 3 Kinds of Human Rights
Lecture 4 Sources of International Human Rights Law
Lecture 5 Human Rights Bodies under the U.N. System
Lecture 6 Universal Declaration
Lecture 7 International Bill of Rights
Lecture 8 Right to Development, Healthy Environment and Information
Lecture 9 Difference between IHL & IHRL
Lecture 10 Human Rights and Terrorism
Lecture 11 International Conferences on Human Rights
Lecture 12 Protection of Women's Human Rights
Lecture 13 Protection of Human Rights of Children
Lecture 14 Protection of Human Rights of Prisoners
Lecture 15 Protection of Minorities, Schedule Caste & Schedule Tribes
Lecture 16 Protection of Rights of older persons
Lecture 17 Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993
Lecture 18 Role of Ngo's in protection of Human Rights
Articles 1. Article on protection of Human Rights in India
2. Protection of Women's Human Rights –I
3. Protection of Women's Human Rights –II
4. Universal Declaration Of Human Rights – I
5. Universal Declaration Of Human Rights – II
6. Human Rights Information Handbook-OHCHR

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