Meet Our FacultyM. K. BHANDARI



Faculty for Constitution of India and Intellectual Property Rights


Professional Summary:

Having 38+ years of Professional and Academic Experience in Teaching / Research Administration/Exploration of Innovative teaching skills and curriculum design, Expertise in Team Building and Networking with Legal Scholars, Members of Judiciary and Legal Fraternity, Expertise in setting up of legal processes, staff selection and related issues necessary for establishments of institutions of higher learning i.e. Universities, Colleges. Active involvement in Socio-Legal activities, Promotion of Legal Literacy programs, Making of UGC-EMMRC films on Intellectual Property of Law, Publication of 6 books on Constitutional Law and around 80 Research Papers in reputed International and National Journals, Intellectual Property Law, Legal Aid, Participation and Presentation of Research papers at International and National Conferences. Organization of National Seminars, Moot Courts, Symposia and Workshops. Extensively travelled and visited nearly 100 Universities in India and 12 Universities in the World.

Willing to Accept Challenges for Establishment and Promotion of Excellent Institutions of Higher Education.


  • Ph. D. in Law 1991, J.N.V. University, (Formerly University of Jodhpur) Jodhpur, India
  • LL.M. 1978, University of Jodhpur, Jodhpur, India
  • LL.B. 1976, University of Jodhpur, Jodhpur, India
  • B.Sc. 1973, University of Jodhpur, Jodhpur, India

Present Position: Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies NMIMS (Deemed University), Mumbai

Director – Legal

Positions Held:

Director-International Initiatives & Research & Dean-School of Law,

IMS Unison University, Dehradun.

  • B- Amity University, Mumbai
    • * Dean-Faculty of Law
    • * Director-Amity Law School
  • C- IMS Unison University, Dehradun
    • * Dean & Head–School of Law
    • * Dean–Research and Consultancy
    • * Dean–Students’ Welfare
    • * Chairman-Anti Ragging Committee
    • * Member-Academic Council & Board of Management
    • * Editor- Pragyaan: Journal of Law
  • D- J.N.V. University Jodhpur
    • * Dean & Head, Faculty of Law, J.N.V. University, Jodhpur.( 2007-2010)
    • * Member-Syndicate, Senate and Academic Council, J.N.V. University
    • * Legal Advisor, Intellectual Property Rights Cell (IPR Cell), J.N.V. University
    • * State Trainer for Para-Legal Volunteers in the State of Rajasthan, India

(b) Patron

Lex Universe, a newsletter of IMS Unison University’s Students Community.

(c) Editor

A. Books

B. Research Articles/Monographs/Papers

  • Membership of Academic Institutions

    • Member (Visitor-CJI Nomine) Executive Council-NUSRL, Ranchi
    • Founder President-Institute of Human Rights, Environment And Development Studies (IHREDSJODHPUR)
    • Founder President -Society For Promotion Of Excellence In Higher Education (SPEHE), Jodhpur
    • Founder Member and Secretary- Indian Institute of Legal Education and Research, Jodhpur(Facilitator in Establishment of National Law University, Jodhpur)
    • Fellow- Salzburg Seminar, Austria
    • Life Member - Indian Law Institute, New Delhi
    • Life Member - American Studies Research Centre, (Re-named as Indo American Research and Study Center) Hyderabad
    • Member-Executive Council, National University of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi
    • Member, Academic Council–Jain VishwavBharti University, Rajasthan
    • Member, National Executive Council of Bhartiya Jain Sangathana (BJS) Pune, India
    • Member, Academic Council, Jain VishwaBharati (Deemed University ) Ladnun, Rajasthan
    • Member, Bar Council of India (New Delhi), Committee on Indo - Australia-Law schools Exchange programme.
  • Editorial Assignments (a) Honorary Consulting Editor

    • Criminal Law Reporter (CR.L.R.).
    • Gujarat Current Decisions (G.C.D.)
    • Indian Journal of Legal Studies Faculty of Law, JNV University. (2007-2010).
    • News Letter of Indian Law Institute (ILI) Rajasthan Chapter.
    • News Letter of Society For Promotion Of Excellence In Higher Education.
    • Pragyaan – Journal of Law, IUU Publication - India
  • Curriculum Development and Legal Literacy Programs

    • UGC Sponsored Certificate course on Women, Law & Gender Justice.
    • Designed Course Contents for Legal Research and its Methodology for LL.M.
    • Course contents for Human Rights for LL.M.
    • Legal Literacy and awareness programs in rural area and distribution of legal awareness material.
    • Programmes on T.V. Channels for creating awareness on Socio-Legal Issues.
  • UGC Research Projects

    • A Comparative Study of Judicial Policymaking in India and U.S.A, 1996.
    • A Study of Basic Structure of Indian Constitution, 1993.]
  • UGC-EMMRC Films

    • EMMRC Project of 35 films for country wide exhibition on UGC T.V. channel on Intellectual Property Law and Practice.
    • Film on Challenges of Higher Education in the Age of Globalization, 2011
    • India and United Nations,2006
    • Manav Adhikar Khitiz ke Us Par (1999-2000)
    • Legal Education- Moot Courts, 1994
    • Making of Indian Constitution - 2015
  • Publications

    • Emerging Jurisprudence of Intellectual Property (In Press).
    • Law Relating to Intellectual Property Rights (2015, 2014, 2012, 2010 & 2006), Allahabad.
    • Legal aid and Para Legal Volunteer’s scheme in India (2013) IPH, Rajasthan.
    • 50 years of Independence: In Retrospect & Prospect JNV University- 1998-(Ed. Bhandari M.K. & Saxena K.S.).
    • Gujarat Law Digest (1998).
    • Basic Structure of the Indian Constitution: A Critical Reconsideration (1993). Deep & Deep Publications, New Delhi.

    Approach, Labourand Industrial Cases 2011 AIR Publication p.65.

    • Imprints of liberalization, privatization and globalization on third world economies with focus on India, Int. J. Liability and Scientific Enquiry, U.S.A Vol. 6, Nos. 1/2/3, 2013.
    • Socio-Cultural Rights of Indigenous People in Human Rights Perspective,( Economic Socio-Cultural Rights of Indigenous People (Ed), Eastern Book Company Gauhati.2013), page no.140.
    • Discovery Vs. Invention, A study of biotech innovation in emerging global patent regime.(Intellectual Property Rights - Dimensions and Issues (Ed) Radha Publication New Delhi 2013 pp. 222-247).
    • India’s Quest For Nuclear Energy (Gauhati Law Journal 2013).
    • Imprint of Liberalization, Privatization and Globalization on Third world Economies With Focus on India ( Published in book Law, Governance and World Order Ed. Sylvia Kierkegaard Athens- Greece October, 2012)P.524.
    • Domestic Violence-Threat for Gender Justice vis-a-vis Human Rights: An Evaluation of Relevant Indian Legislations. Book entitled Law and Gender: A Quest for Justice (Ed) Alfa Publication, New Delhi 2013 pp. 31-47.
    • Hate Speech and Freedom of Expression: Balancing Social Good & Individual Liberty- (2011) 8 SCC J.23-43(October 14, 2011) also published in The Practical Lawyer, Jan.2012, Cite as: PL January S-5, AIR 2012 Journal. pp 33-48.
    • Domestic Violence: Threat for Gender Justice, Published in book Law and Gender- A Quest For Justice, Alfa Publication , New Delhi, 2012, pp.31-47.
    • India’s Quest for Nuclear Energy & Nuclear Disaster: Are We Prepared? Goa University Law Journal, 2011.
    • Social Justice Through Reservation: Need For Bold and Non-Political And “Justice For All”
    • Environments versus Development: Emergence of Global Environmental Governance, Ensym, A journal on Environment Law, A Symbiosis Society’s Law College Publication. Dec. 2004 also published in Gauhati University Journal of Law, Volume-VII, 2011).
    • The Malady of Indian Legal System: Diagnosis and Prognosis, Kerala University Journal Of Legal Studies, 2001,p.123.
    • Constitution at Cross Road - Dilemma of Basic Structure, Book-Reviewing The Constitution, B.L.Fadia (Ed.) Himanshu, Delhi 2001.
    • Indian Cyber Law-ProBono Publico, The Bar Association of India publication, New Delhi, 2000.
    • Reshaping Post -Graduate Legal Education in India Agenda for Reform- Legal Education in India, New Delhi-1999
    • Making of a (Gentle) Advocate: Need to Reorganize Legal Ethics Teachings and Practice. Worldwide Advocacy Conference Publication, London, 1998.
    • Workers Participation in Management: Global Perspectives, Journal of Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce, JNV University Vol.2 1996-97. pp. 51-58.
    • The Role of Lawyers in Developing Countries, Australian Professional Legal Education CouncilSydney (Australia) Sept. 4- 8, 1996.
    • Quintessence of Accountability - Need for a self regulatory Code of Ethics, Book entitled Export of Higher Education, 1996, Jodhpur.
    • Unfettered Jurisdiction of the Supreme Court under Art.136: A Critical Reconsideration. All India Reporter (A.I.R.), Nagpur, October, 1995 p.121.
    • Anticipatory Bail:A Critical Reappraisal, Criminal Law Journal (Cr. L.J.), Nagpur, Feb. 1995, p. 6.
    • Judicial Review of Electoral Laws in India and U.S.A Political Question Doctrine Revisited. Faculty of Law Publication, 1995.
    • Social Justice through Reservation: Dr. Ambedkar Revisited, the Book entitled Dr. B.R. Ambedkar social justice and the constitution (Ed.K.L. Bhatia), Deep & Deep, New Delhi, 1994, p. 189.
    • Constitutional Obligation towards Children: Let us redeem it. Unreported Judgments (UJ), June 1993.
    • Data Collection Methodology in Socio-Legal Research. An Overview. Indian Journal of Legal Studies(IJLS), Vo1.XIII, 1993, p. 140.
    • Article 370: A Constitutional Dilemma. A.I.R., Nagpur, April 1992, p. 52.
    • Paris Convention, Dunkel Proposal and Indian Patent Law. Need for Fair and Democratic Approach. IJLS, Vo1.XII.1992 p. 171.
    • Emerging Trends of Judicial Policy Making in U.S.A. and India. Civil & Military Law Journal, Delhi,Vol. 27.1992. p. 209.
    • Right to Privacy versus Freedom of Press: A Comparative Conspectus of Legal Position in U.S.A., U.K. and India. IJLS, Vol. XI, 1991, p. 178.
    • Nehru and Commonwealth. IJLS, Vol. VIII, 1988, p. 73.
    • Cases of Medical Negligence: A Comparative Conspectus of Legal Liability in India, U.S.A, and U.K,Indian Judicial Reports, January 5, 1987, p. 14.
    • A Chronological Survey of India's Policy on peace and Disarmament. Book entitled- Peace andDisarmament (Ed. Prof. S.R. Bhansali), Faculty of Law. JNV University Publication, 1987. p. 424.
    • Socio-Legal Study of Agricultural Labour. IJLS. Vol. VI, 1986.
    • India in Pursuit of Disarmament. IJLS, Vo1.V. 1985, p. 160. Also published in Book - Peace andDisarmament.
    • Constitutional Significance of Fundamental Duties, IJLS, 1980, p. 62.
    • Combating Poverty through Welfare Legislation. A Constitutional Approach. IJLS Vol. III, 1979, p.23.
    • Copyright Amendment Bill and Entertainment Industry Harmonizing Conflicting Claims: to be published in Delhi University Law Journal.
    • Inter-State Water Disputes: Law, Policy and Political Expediency, to be published in NUJS Kolkata Law Review

Book Reviews

  • Law Relating to Human Rights (Universal Law Publishing Co. New Delhi 2013, pp.1415+ i- ixii)- by Prof. S.R. Bhansali, Pragyaan Journal of Law Volume 3:Issue2, Dec.2013.
  • Law Relating To Human Rights - (Prof S.R Bhansali) Universal Law Publication New Delhi 2013.
  • Transfer of Property Act, 1882 - Gujarat Current Decisions, 1996 (3) GCD 18 (Journal).
  • Problem of Crime, Punishment and Justice by Prof. D.R. Bhandari- Journal of PhilosophicalStudies, Vol. 1, 1994.
  • Dr. B.R. Ambedkar - Social Justice and the Indian Constitution - by Professor K.L. Bhatia (Ed.), IJLS Vol. IX 1994.
  • Criminology and Penology – by Dr. N.V. Paranjape. Gujarat Current Decisions. Jan. 1993.
  • Causes of Antisocial Behaviour and Crime - by Dr. PoornimaAdvani. IJLS.,Vol. XIII, 1993.
  • Right. To Know - by Prof. S.P. Sathe - Unreported Judgments.10 Oct.1992.
  • Governmental Control of Corporate Enterprise - by Prof. U.P.D. Kesari. IJLS, Vol. XI, 1991. 10.Assessment of Compensation in Accidents under M.V. Act, 1988 by Dr. G.S. Karkara. IJLS,


  • The Indian Constitution - by Prof. Verinder Grover. IJLS Vol. IX, 1989.
  • Preamble of the Constitution - An Analysis and Appraisal - by R.G. Chaturvedi& Dr. Madhukar Shyam Chaturvedi. IJLS, Vol. VIII, 1988.
  • Principles of Administrative Law - by M.P. Jain & S.N. Jain, Jan. 5, 1987. 14.Courage, Craft and Contention - by UpendraBaxi. I.J.R., Jan. 26. 1987.
  • Neither Roses nor Throns - by Justice H.R. Khanna. I.J.R., Jan. 1987.
  • Judges and the Judicial Power (Ed. Rajeev Dhavan, R. Sudarshan and Salman Khurshid). IndianJudicial Reports (I.J.R.), Feb. 1987.
  • Law of Crimes (Two Volumes) - by Ezaz Ahmed. I.J.R., May 1987. 18.Mining Law in India - by J.D. Arora& D.D. Thanvi. I.J.R., July 1987.

19.Juvenile Delinquency and Indian Justice System - by Prof. N.L. Mitra. I.J.L.S., Vol. VII, 1987. 20.Orbits of Space Law by I.J.L.S. Vol. VII, 1986.

21.Law Relating to Human Rights (Universal Law Publishing Co. New Delhi 2013, pp.1415+ i- ixii) by Prof. S. R. Bhansali.

Prize / Awards/ Distinctions

  • Fellowship for 29th Study Session of International Institution of Human Rights, Strasbourg, France, July 1998.
  • Book on American Constitution autographed by Justice Warren E. Burger, Former Chief Justice of U.S. Supreme Court, presented in ceremony at American Studies Research Center, Hyderabad.
  • Appreciation from Justice Stephen Bryer, Judge, Supreme Court of U.S.A for participation in Moot Court of US Supreme Court, Salzburg, Austria.1993.
  • Fellowship for Salzburg Seminar, Austria.
  • Essay entitled American Bill of Rights: Historical Perspectives and Judicial Response to First Amendment Freedoms Awarded Prize in All India Essay Competition, U.S.E.F.I. and A.S.R.C. Hyderabad, 27 Dec. 1991.

Research Guidance

  • Foreign Research Scholar Mr. Tumi from University of South Africa, Jonesburg seeking Guidance in India for Ph.D.
  • Post doctoral (LL.D.) Research Guidance
  • Dr. Mithilesh Narayan Bhatt- Assistant Professor, Senya Shakti, University, Ahamedabad ICSSR Sponsored post doctoral fellowship on Sexual Minority (LGBT), Crimes and Criminal Justice System A Socio Legal Study in Global Perspective.
  • Dr. Kuldeep Singh Panwar, Visiting Faculty JNVU Jodhpur. ICSSR Sponsored post doctoralfellowship on Surrogate Motherhood, Socio Legal Issues: An Empirical Study with Reference State of the Rajasthan and Gujarat
  • Dr. ChandanBala- Professor, JNVU University, Jodhpur Empowerment of Women through Law-Myth or Reality: A Study with Special Reference to India
  • Dr. DeepaSachdeva , Visiting Faculty JNVU Jodhpur Offences against Women- A CriticalAnalysis of Women's Right and Domestic Violence.
  • Doctoral Research (Ph.D.) Guidance

Following Research scholars have been awarded Ph.D.

    • Dr. Justice Vineet Kothari, Judge, Rajasthan High CourtTax Laws and Freedom of Trade: A st

Studyof Inter-Relationship: Focus on Emerging Trends of 21 Century

    • Dr. Manish Singhvi, Additional Advocate General of the state of Rajasthan in The Supreme Courtof India, New Delhi Settlement of Commercial Disputes: A Comparative Study of International andIndian Arbitration Law

    • Dr. Suresh Mehta, Professor JNVU JodhpurA Comparative Study of Right to Life and PersonalLiberty in India, USA and England

    • Dr. ChandanBala, Professor JNVU Jodhpur International Court Of Justice: A Study of ItsFunctioning and Contribution in Settlement of International Disputes-Pursuing Post DoctoralResearch.

    • Dr. VikasBalia- Advocate Rajasthan High CourtLaw & Practice of Securitization, Reconstructionof Financial Assets and Enforcement of Security Interests: A Comparative Study of Global Trends

    • Dr. AkoloyaBhansali, Advocate and Visiting Faculty JNVU JodhpurA Comparative Study ofEmerging Trends of Judicial Policy Making In USA & India

    • Dr. DeepaSachdevaVisiting Faculty JNVU JodhpurPrincipal of Natural Justice: A Comparativeof India, USA & UK.

    • Dr. Kuldeep Singh Panwar, Visiting Faculty JNVU Jodhpur Medical Negligence- A ComparativeStudy of Socio-legal Perspective in India & USA

    • Dr. Mithalesh Naryan Bhatt, Visiting Faculty JNVU Jodhpur Third Sex (Eunuchs): A Socio LegalStudy in Global Perspective

    • Usha Panwar, Changing Dimensions of Insurance Law in India- A Study with Special Reference to General Insurance.

    • Pamila Shah Human Rights of Indigenous People: International and National Perspectives.

  • Following Research scholars are pursuing Ph.D.

    • Harish Purohit:-The Role Of Judiciary in Promotion, Protection and Development of Human Rights: A Study With Reference To Contribution of Rajasthan High Court

    • Kamlesh Choudhary Right to Education and Women Empowerment- A Socio Legal Study

    • Nihar Jain:- Law and practice of Corporate Social Responsibility: A Comparative Study of Indiaand USA.

    • Kshemendra Mathur:- Cyber Crimes; Global and National Issues A comparative Study.

  • Membership Research Board

    • Member, Research Board of Law, Symbiosis University, Pune.

    • External Research Supervisor by Chankya National Law University, Patna to guide Doctoral and Post Doctoral Research in law.

  • Visiting Faculty

  • National University of Advance Legal Studies, (NUALS), Kochi and NLU-Assam.

  • National Law University, Assam, Guwhati.

  • B R Ambedker Law University, Chennai.

  • Institute of IPR Studies, Mumbai.

  • Barkatullah University, Bhopal.

10. Organization of Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops/ Refresher Courses/ Moot Courts

  • National Youth Parliament Competition, “Rashtraniti” – 2016, IMS Unison University, School of Law, Dehradun April 1-2, 2016.

  • National Seminar on Globalization and Governance 2014 IMS Unison University School of Law, Dehradun May 24-25, 2014.

  • National Moot Court Competition 2014,I M S Unison University school of Law ,Dehradun Feb.,0708,2014

  • Harmonizing Legislative, Executive and Judicial Governance in India: Need For Strategic Initiative 13 March, 2011 (ILI-Raj. Chapter)

  • Emerging jurisprudence of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) In Global Economic Scenario- Opportunities and Challenges For India, 19-20 February, 2011, Faculty of Law, JNVU

  • Eleven symposia on Union Budget - It’s Impact on -Common Man and National Development 2001 to 2011, regular annual feature of Institute of Human Rights, Environment and Development Studies.

  • Symposium on Defending Human Rights: Role of Judiciary and Civil Society, 11 December 2010.

  • Holistic Approach to Health Care in India-Challenges and Opportunities 28 January 2007, Institute of

Human Rights, Environment and Development.

  • National Seminar on Human Rights in 21 century Challenges and opportunities ,14 December 2003, Institute of Human Rights, Environment and Development.

  • Intellectual Property Rights and Cyber Law – Faculty of Law, JNV University, 12-31 March, 2001.

  • National Seminar on 50 years of Independence, 22-23 Aug. 1997, JNVU.

  • Refresher course in Faculty of Law, JNV University May-June, 1994.

  • As Secretary, Extension Lecture Services, JNV University Organized 30 Extension Lectures of Eminent person viz. Soli J. Sorabjee, Prof. Yash Pal, N.K. Singh, Feoder Staricevic (UNIC), Madison Morrison (USA) and other eminent scholars.

  • Bar council of India- All India Moot Court Competition, 1986

  • Moot session of UN General Assembly on Peace and Disarmament, 1985

  • Presentations/Participation in International Seminars/ Conferences/ Workshops

Held Abroad

  • Tsinghua University - Beijing, China 5th Asian Constitutional Law Forum -19 – 20 October 2013 Invited To Deliver Key Note Address.

  • International Conference on Law & Justice 24 - 25 June, 2013 Colombo, Sri Lanka nd

  • International law and Trade Conference and 2 International Public Law conference held in Athens, Greece, 2-5, October, 2012.

  • Worldwide Advocacy Conference-1998, London- 29 June - 3 July 1998 Presented paper, Making ofa (Gentle) Advocate: Need to Reorganize Legal Ethics Teachings and Practice.

  • Salzburg Seminar on American Law & Legal Institutions Salzburg, Austria, July 25 - Aug. 6 1993. Participation in the Moot Session of U.S. Supreme Court as Counsel for Defence.

Held in India

  • Indian Institute of Technology – IIT, Mumbai and Bhagwan Mahaveer International Research Centre (BMIRC), Rajasthan, Joint International Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion, Member- Steering Committee- October-2015.

  • International Conference on Transparency and Accountability in Governance NL U, Delhi. {Co Chaired the Session with Hon’ble Justice J.S. Verma (Ex.CJI )&Shri Soli Sorabjee}, on 13-14 October, 2012

  • International Conference on Positivism, Amity University ,Rajasthan, (Chaired a Session) 6-8 August, 2012

  • International Conference on Intellectual Property Laws, Faculty of Law, University of Delhi, 24-25 Feb. 2012.

  • Workshop on Global Warming and International Relation, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, (UPES)- Dehradun, 17 September 2011

  • International Seminar on Global Environment & Disaster Management: Law & Society, Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, 22-24, July 2011

  • International Conference On Electronics, Information And Communication Systems Engineering, Department of Electronics, M.B.M. Engineering College, Jodhpur, Hotel Taj, 28-30, March 2011

  • International Workshop-Cum-Conference on Intellectual Property Law United States Patent and Trademark Office, Global Intellectual Property Academy and Faculty of Law, University Of Delhi, 13-14 March

  • More Meaningful Legal Education In The 21 Century Stepping Out of The Ivory Tower

Commonwealth Legal Education Association, National Law School Of Indian University, Leela Kempinski, Bengaluru, 29-30, Jan. 2011

  • International Conference On Criminal Justice System; Transnational Perspective, India Law Institute, Golden Jubilee Celebrations International Criminal Court: A Functional Dilemma, 24-25 November 2006

  • International Convention on India Vision: 2020, Aravali Institute of Management-Taj Hotel, Governance and Right to Information. 4 Jan. 2004

  • International Conference on Global Health Law – Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi, Dec. 5.7.1997.

  • Australia-India Legal Conference.26-27 Oct.1996 -New Delhi.

  • Indo-U.S. Seminar on Constitutional Politics in United States and India. ASRC Hyderabad, December 26-27, 1991.

  • Indo-Soviet Law Seminar, Jodhpur. April 13-14, 1985.

  • World Congress on Law and Medicine. Feb. 22 - 25. 1985 Vigyan Bhawan New Delhi.

  • National Seminars/Conferences

  • National Seminar on IPR and Human Rights – Pune University, February 18, 2016, Delivered Keynote Lecture.

  • National Seminar on Media and Law at MS University, Baroda on March 07-08, 2014 delivered Keynote Address on Media and Law: Challenges in Contemporary Scenario.

  • National Conference on Role Of Education in the Changing Economic World, at N.L.U., Delhi on 20 January2013.

  • Silver Jubilee Convention of BJS at Pune, 5-6 may 2012.

  • National Seminar on Inter-State and International Water Disputes, NUJS Kolkata, 25-26 Feb. 2012.

  • National Knowledge Summit on Patent Laws, Department of Legal Studies & Research Barkatullah University Bhopal, 26-27 Nov. 2011.

  • National Seminar on Disaster Management and Law, The Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar Law University,

P.G. Dept. of Environmental Law and Legal Order, 12-13 Oct. 2011.

  • National Seminar on New Genetic Technologies And Human Rights, Department of Law University of Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, 25Aug. 2011.

  • Right To Health With Special Reference To Women’s Right To Reproductive Health: Human Rights Perspective, Faculty Of Law, Mody Institute of Technology And Science, Lakshmangarh (Sikar) 16April 2011.

  • Access To Justice For The Socially And Economically Disadvantaged, Confederation of Indian Bar, Konard Adenaver Foundation and Bar Council of India, 2-3 April 2011

  • National Seminar On Energy Security For India-Opportunities And Challenges (ESIOC-2011), Marwar Engineering College And Research Center, Jodhpur 4-5 March,2011

  • National Seminar on Contribution of Acharya Hasti To Literature And Society, Jodhpur on 13-14 November 2010

  • Training of Trainers (TOT) Programme for Para –Legal Volunteers at Punjab Judicial Academy, Chandigarh, 18-19 September 2010.

  • UGC National Seminar On Law ,Disabled And Human Rights And Duties Education Faculty of Law, JNV University, Jodhpur on 4-6 September, 2010

  • UGC National seminar on Globalization and Changing Profile of Indian Legal System At Faculty of Law, JNV University, Jodhpur 13, March 2010

  • National Conference on Legal Education In India, Bar Council Of India And Bar Council of Rajasthan, 15-16 Dec. 2007, paper on Challenges of Legal Education in India vis-à-vis Global Standard

  • National Seminar on Right to Information : Towards Progressive and Participatory Democracy Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar University, Lucknow on 14-15 April, 2007

  • National Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights: Emerging Trends and challenges Department of Law, University of Mumbai on 16, March 2007

  • UGC Conference on Human Right Education-Futuristic Approach, Punjab University, Chandigarh, 2- 3 February 2007

  • UGC-Regional Conference on NET, Delhi, 13 January 2007.

  • National Seminar on Various Aspects Of Census 2001-Department Of Commerce And Department Of Maths, J.N.V.U, 18 December 2006

  • National Seminar on Right to Information-Faculty of Law, J.N.V.U, Jodhpur, 2-3 December 2006.

  • Symposium on Emerging Trends Of IPRs-Focus on Marwar JIET & ISTE Keynote Presentation-Legal Dynamics of IPRs: International & National Perspective. 28 April 2006.

  • National Symposium on Buddhism, Human Values And World Peace Buddhist Study Center, J.N.V. University, Jodhpur 30 March 2006

  • National Seminar On PIL And Women Empowerment -M.L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur, 25-26 February 2006

  • National Seminar on Department of Adult & Continuing Education, JNVU Jodhpur, 21 January 2006

  • AICTE-UGC Workshop on Environment and Pollution Awareness-Dept of Civil Eng. JNVU Global Environmental Governance, 7 March 2005

  • National Seminar on Women Empowerment in Legal Scenario M.L. Sukhadia University Udaipur. 2526 February 2005

  • Seminar on HIV/AIDS and Drug Addition, JNV University - 24-25 March, 2001

  • National Seminar on Reforming Indian Constitution-Need and Justification, Dept. of Pol. Science, JNV University, 12-13 March, 2001

  • National Conference on New Dimension of Law, The Bar Association of India, New Delhi, 30 Sept.-1 Oct., 2000.

  • SED Workshop on Girl Child Abuse, 30-31 Aug. 2000

  • Govt. of India Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights, Jodhpur13 March 2000.

  • U.G.C. Seminar Human Rights Education, L.M. College, Jodhpur 25 Feb. 2000.

  • All India Law Teachers Conference 22-25 January, 1999 New Delhi

  • U.G.C. Workshop on Post-Graduate Legal Education, Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur, 26-30 March 1997.

  • National Symposium on Environmental Protection -1997 Jodhpur.

  • National Seminar on Social Justice :Constitution and Law 8-9 Feb.1996, Jhabua (M.P.)

  • UGC All India Conference on Accountability, Resource Mobilization and Privatization in Higher Education, l5-16 Jan 1996. Jodhpur

  • National Seminar on Workers' Participation in Management. March 26-27, 1995, Jodhpur.

  • Seminar on Role of Law in Promotion of National Unity and Integrity, Jan. 1995, Jodhpur. 42. All India Seminar on Justice Delayed is Justice Denied. March 12 -14, 1994. Kurukshetra.

  • All India Law Research Seminars. Feb. 27-28, 1993, Indore.

  • National Seminar on Dr. B.R. Ambedkar's Social Justice and Constitutional Vision. May 26-27, 1992. University of Jammu, Jammu.

  • Inter-Disciplinary Seminar on Issues in American Society - 1960-90 A.S.R.C. Hyderabad and U.S.E.F.I. New Delhi, April 1-12, 1991 Hyderabad. Prize for Outstanding Participant.

  • National Seminar on Consumer Protection, Jodhpur, March 3-6, 1989.

  • All India Seminars on Law Relating to Agricultural Labour, Jodhpur Feb.8, 1987.

  • Annual Conference of Indian Society of International Law, 9, Jan.1987, Delhi.

  • Seminar on Clinical Legal Education, March 1986, Faculty of Law, Delhi University, New Delhi.

  • National Seminar on Need to Reshape Election Laws. 10 March Jodhpur.

11. Extension Lectures Delivered

  • President Rule in Uttarakhand: Politico-Legal Dimensions, IMS Unison University, Dehradun, April 6, 2016.

  • Emerging Trends in Biotechnology and Its Impact on Human Rights, JNV University, Jodhpur, 8 Sep2011

  • Constitutional Dynamics of Good Governance, National University of Advance of Legal Studies, Kochi, Kerala, 24 Aug 2011

  • Human Rights of Vulnerable Groups of Society, Kochi University Science and Technology (CUSAT),Kochi, 24 Aug. 2011

  • IPR Jurisprudence, the National University of Advance Legal Studies (NUALS), Kochi, 23-Aug-2011

  • Value Education, Special Invitee in National Executive Council, Bhartiya Jain Sanathana (BJS), Pune,22 April 2011

  • Key-note address on Right to Health-With Special Reference to Women's Right to Reproductive Health: A Human Rights Perspective, Mody Institute of Technology and Science, Lakshmangarh, 16-17 April 2011

  • Regulatory System of Infor4mation Technology, M.B.M. Engg. College, 30 March 2011

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